ACS Cricket Academy v Jansz Cricket Academy, March 2022

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ACS Cricket Academy
Game 1

ACS Cricket Academy v Jansz Cricket Academy
AH Butler Oval, Frankston – 13th March 2022

Report by Wayne Ross

Magnificent weather and a magnificent ground – one of Premier Cricket’s finest!  The ACS Academy team, led by George Pourpouras, contained eleven of it’s scholars plus “Coach” Paul Morrey. The Jansz Academy team, skippered by Charlie Wolf, contained two of the ACS Scholars plus ten selected by “coach” Keith Jansz.  The match devised was that both teams would bat for 25 overs each in the morning session with the afternoon session comprising a total of 60 overs.

George won the toss and elected to bat.

ACS Cricket Academy – 1st Innings                                   Jansz Cricket Academy – 1st Innings

H Salwathurac Wolf b Shah2A Lacyb Matthews64
N Critchleynot out42S Narasimhac Hyderabad b Pourpouras16
G Pourpourasst Narasimha b Ubale44C Wolfc Hyderabad b Matthews32
C Remyc Nain b Ubale2K Jordanb Rivett11
N Pererac Jordan b Ubale0A Nainrun out – Pourpouras13
B Rossc Lacy b Wolf0D Shahc Remy b H Salwathura2
L Salwathuranot out8C Kannangaranot out4
   S Loganathannot out1
Extras 6Extras 8
  5/104  6/151
K Jordan
  0/13 (4)  O Rivett  1/17 (4)
 D Shah1/12 (3)N Perera0/16 (3)
 G Reidy0/28 (4)G Pourpouras1/16 (4)
 A Ubale3/23 (4)N Critchley0/12 (3)
 C Wolf1/19 (5)B Ross0/25 (3)
 A Lacy0/4 (3)A Matthews2/27 (4)
 S Loganathan0/5 (2)A Laxman0/17 (2)
   H Salwathura1/16 (2)

ACS Cricket Academy – 2nd Innings                        Jansz Cricket Academy – 2nd Innings

N Critchleyc Kannangara b Shah29C Kannangarac Ross b Rivett11
L Salwathurac Jansz b K Edwards8S Loganathanlbw b Rivett13
H Salwathurac Narasimha b Shah2A Nainc Hyderabad b Remy9
G Pourpourasc K Edwards b Wolf59R Edwardsb Remy12
J McKenziec Jansz b Reidy23A Lacyc Hyderabad b Remy53
A Matthewsc Narasimha b Ubale9G Reidyrun out – H Salwathura6
N Pererab Shah18K Edwardsrun out – Remy/Hyderabad2
M Hyderabadnot out17K Jordanb Remy1
   A Ubalenot out0
   S Narasimhanot out0
Extras 14Extras 9
  7/179  8/116

S Loganathan
  0/11 (3)  L Salwathura  0/17 (4) 
C Kannangara0/31 (6)O Rivett2/15 (4) 
D Shah3/34 (6.2)B Ross0/25 (4) 
K Jordan0/5 (4)C Remy4/42 (6) 
A Ubale1/27 (7)N Perera0/10 (2) 
C Wolf1/20 (5)   
G Reidy1/23 (4)   

A terrific match – the Jansz Academy led by 47 runs after the first two Innings’ were completed.  The ACS Academy declared it’s second Innings closed in the 40th over leaving the Jansz Academy 20 overs to score 133 runs for victory.  They fell 17 runs short and the game was Drawn.

The Match format was devised by Keith Jansz and Wayne Ross, and while it was an extremely long day for the boys and girls, it was accepted as a great concept.  The ground and wicket, prepared by the Frankston Peninsula Cricket Club’s Curator – Daniel Streker – were in pristine condition and the setting up of the ground by the Club’s General Manager – Mike Ronchi – was fantastic and greatly appreciated.  The fathers who umpired during the day – particularly Paul Critchley, who stood for the entire game – were terrific, as were the Mums and Dads who (as usual) provided terrific support.  And finally, to those boys and girls who participated, thank you so much!  In addition, the Society’s Head of it’s Scholarship Committee which has the responsibility of organising our Cricket Academy – Drew Payne – provided his great support of the game.

Finally, our thanks to the Frankston Peninsula Cricket Club for allowing us to play on their magnificent Oval, and also to Cliff Wright – mine-host for the day. We have been fortunate to have Brian Nankervis – Nick Critchley’s Grandfather – with his camera at the ready, and we are pleased to include in this Report of the game, a number of those that he took during the day.

Back: Keith Jansz, Cooper Remy, Kai Jordan, Ollie Rivett, Abhay Nain, Meera Hyderbad, Dia Shah, Billy Ross, Axle Lacey, George Pourpouras, Cooper Kannangara, Abraham Matthews, Charlie Wolf, Paul Morrey  Front: Kai Edwards,Harish Salwathura, Shaan Loganathan, Leith Salwathura, Savya Narasimha, Aarav Laxman, Arjun Ubale, Nilu Perera, George Reidy, Nick Critchley, Rylan Edwards Absent: Jock McKenzie